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“It is indeed a different nature that speaks to the camera than that which speaks to the eye . . .” 
- Walter Benjamin, from A Short History of Photography, 1931

     The act of watching people on the street is an act of imagination. We do not know the particulars of the lives of the strangers we see there, yet we assign them roles in our imagination. We indulge our fantasies, which is part of the great seduction of street life.

     In 2009 I started watching and photographing pedestrians in New York City for a project that has continued for over ten years. In these photographs I have tried to push the image toward abstraction without it losing entirely the specific reality of the moment in which it was made. These images are not staged fictions. Their vitality depends on the spontaneous unfolding of events below me as I photograph from various perches above the sidewalks of New York City. My intention is to show something that becomes visual only by being photographed.

Gregory Spaid, 2024

Woman with Magenta Coat, Metropolitan Museum, NYC, 2009
Man with Phone and Bundle, Grand Central Terminal, NYC, 2013
Woman in Blue Dress, 10th Ave., NYC, 2019
Man in Door Light, 23rd St., NYC, 2019
Woman with Caine, Train Station, Main Street, Flushing, NYC, 2017
Woman Running, 2nd Avenue at 60th Street, NYC, 2013
Man with Tie on Bike, 2nd Avenue at 60th Street, NYC, 2013
Man Making Delivery, 2nd Avenue, NYC, 2018
Woman in Dotted Skirt, 14th St. Subway Station, NYC, 2015
Woman in Straw Hat, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, 2016
Man Running on Beach, Coney Island, NYC, 2019
Person with Instrument Case, Lincoln Center, NTC, 2022
Woman in Blue Glasses, Oculus, NYC, 2017
Toddler in Straw Hat, Oculus, NYC. 2017
Man with Green Trench Coat, Grand Central Terminal, NYC, 2009
Woman in Green Glasses, Coney Island, NYC, 2019
Woman with Handbag, 42nd St., NYC, 2016
Man in Blue Hat, Grand Central Terminal, NYC, 2016
Woman with Umbrella, 42nd St., NYC 2016
Man with Pipe, Washington Street, NYC, 2010
Woman with Floral Dress, 14th St. Subway, NYC, 2015
Women in Scarves, Brighton Beach, NYC, 2010
Woman with Bicycle, Broadway, SoHo, NYC, 2010
Woman with Green Straw, The Bronx, NYC, 2010
Couple in Black, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, 2009
Woman in Hat and Boots, Grand Central Terminal, NYC, 2013
Man with Square Shoulders, Grand Central Terminal, NYC, 2010
Man with Arms Folded, Jackson Heights, NYC, 2013
Person with Instrument Case, Lincoln Center, NTC, 2022
Man Carrying Child, 2nd Ave., NYC, 2013
Woman in Floral Skirt, Washington, St. NYC, 2016
Woman in Blowing White Dress, 2nd Ave. at W.60th St., NYC, 2022