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         G R E G O R Y   S P A I D


            Links to Gregory Spaid's books, videos and exhibitions 



                  The Machine in the Garden: A Conversation with Gregory Spaid, Marta Wojcik and Kevin Rose of the Westcott Center for Architecture + Design    

              Spaid's collected work in The J. Paul Getty Museum

              Spaid's work in The Museum of Modern Art

              Spaid's work in The Smithsonian American Art Museum

Spaid's solo exhibition The Machine in the Garden at the The Gund

Spaid's work in The Art of Trees exhibition at the The Gund

Spaid's work in It's an Honor to be Here exhibition at Decorative Arts Center of Ohio 

              Spaid's work in The Tree in Photographs by Françoise Reynaud 

              Spaid's photograph in The Tree in Photographs by Françoise Reynaud         

              Spaid's monograph Grace: Photographs of Rural America

              Spaid's photography in The Man Who Created Paradise: A Fable by Gene Logsdon

            Spaid's books at Amazon.com