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Seeing Red

     Often when I travel, I rise early to walk quiet streets looking to make photographs. At this early hour, the world is fresh, my mind is clear. A new sun concentrates color as though that was its only purpose. This series of photographs, Seeing Red, is the product of my walks over many years and in many places.                    

     Seeing Red, is not about the color red, per se, but rather our emotional response to color. Red is a good example, because it is associated with anger, power, danger, sexuality -- emotions hard to ignore. But the experience of color can be quietly subtle or symphonic, not a single blaring trumpet but a subtle, complex orchestration of many colors working together.

Gregory Spaid, 2024

Neon in Restaurant Window, Astoria, New York City, 2010
Boy in Window, Chalon-sur-Saône, France, 1997
Flags, Lunensburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2015
Cat and Its Shadow, Lagos, Portugal, 1987
Trucks and Chain Link Fence, Astoria, New York City, 2010
Woman with Magenta Tights and Shoes, 225th Street, New York City, 2010
Green Stairway, Jackson Heights, NYC, 2010
Woman in Red Shoes, MoMA, NYC, 2009
Tangled American Flag and Ginkgo Tree, Madison Ave., NYC 2017
Women at Piazza del Duomo, Florence, Italy, 1987
Russian Nesting Dolls, 5th Avenue, New York City, 2009
Water Tank, McClave, CO, 2014
Reflection of The Louvre, Paris, France, 1997
"Agua Farm," Knox County Ohio, 2009
"Central Shoe Service," Rocky Ford, CO, 2014
Pink Tree/Blue Car, Louisville, KY, 2015
School Bus and Honey Locust, Denver, Co., 2014
Man Sweeping in Window, Soho, NYC, 2009
Driver and Clouds, NYC, 2009
Reflective Wall, Columbus, IN, 2015
Lamar Theater, Lamar, CO, 2014
Pink Tree/Blue Sky, Louisville, KY, 2015
Torn Wall Posters, Florance, Italy, 1987
Wind Sock, High Plains, CO, 2012
Two Wreaths, Knox County, OH, 2015