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New York City Drawings

     This gallery includes a selection of drawings I made while living in New York City in 2009 and 2010.  I made them with felt marker on paper and sometimes incorporated pencil, watercolor and gold leaf.  They are my whimsical response to various aspects of the city, especially my love of the ginkgo trees that lined the streets around where I lived on the Upper West Side.  Making some of these drawing also helped me to learn the geography of Manhattan and Central Park, which is why there are several detailed and mostly accurate maps here.

Gregory Spaid, 2024

Uptown/Downtown, 17 x14", 2010
NYC in 3D, 17 X 14", 2010
Ginkgo Taxis Come to Midtown, 17 x 14", 2009
Ginkgo Taxis Lift Manhattan, 34 x 14", 2009
Ginkgo Taxi.com, 17 x 14", 2009
Lascivious Ginkgos Banned from Central Park, 34 x 14", 2009
Another Day Passes Gently in New York City, 30 x 22", 2010
Self-Portrait at the Met, 17 x 14", 2010
Japan, 17 x 14", 2010
Two Thrift Shop Ties New York City, 30 x 22", 2010
Ginkgo Weather, 17 x 14", 2009
City of Light, 17 x 14", 2009
Fall, 17 x 14", 2009
Man of Vision, 34 x 14", 2009
The Last Drawing of 2009, 17 x 14", 2009